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Turning A Concept Into Law

Part 1 -- The Problem Laden Scene:

Note: While I have been sadly watching the accelerating destruction of the US -- as well as much of the world -- for nearly six decades, I have recently come to believe that this particular conjunction of time and events is rapidly becoming the perfect intersection to begin the reversal of our obvious path to the obliteration of all life on this planet. The only contingent factor is the removal of President Trump from office. The balance of what I have to say is predicated on the aspiration that Biden and a fully Democratic Congress regain control of our nationally elected government.

For the last century every Republican President, with the exception of Eisenhower, has reluctantly relinquished the severely damaged reigns of power in the US to the Democratic Party. It is a very discernible pattern -- they make a mess and the Democrats come in and clean it up. It has become such an obvious trait, that the popular belief that the Republican Party has neither the ability nor the will to democratically govern is in fact, a fact. The cause of this observation will become obvious as I expand on the ultimate source for this phenomena throughout this writing.

A Biden administration will undoubtably be facing an unprecedented and catastrophically damaged nation! The rather "Politically Correct" way of describing it would be to call it "severely challenged." I'd rather use an older and more realistically descriptive term of, "Overrun with severe and crushing problems." The probable list of problems is way too long for me to even begin to relate. However, true to Democratic form, there will certainly be a "cleanup" process and this will be a perfect entry point for a long-term, perfect solution -- not only for the US, but as a model of self-governance for the rest of the world, as well.

Regarding lists, try to create a list of all of the occupations which require any number of certificates, licenses, permits, etc., in order to be legally allowed/authorized to operate or function in our society. For example, if any of us desire to operate a vehicle on the public streets, we must have passed tests and be issued a Drivers License. We expect that our teachers are educated, investigated and tested before they can teach our children. We are assured that our society makes sure that when we fly in airplanes or ride in buses, that our pilots and drivers are trained, have background tests and are licensed to fly/drive even before we step into the plane or get on a bus. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc., are just a very few more examples of how we make certain that we are all protected from catastrophic and even fatal events, as much as possible.

The United States Government is universally recognized as having one of the best and most thorough processes for examining individuals for high levels of security clearance. They do extensive historic background examinations regarding a large variety of critical characteristics before authorizing someone to have access to incredibly vital Top Secret information. Before certain members of Congress are allowed access to any Top Secret information which has been developed by any one of our numerous intelligence agencies -- they must have had a Top Secret examination/evaluation run on them.

So, as we hopefully come to the end of the Trump Era, how is it that we have -- after being able to grow our democracy for nearly two and a half centuries -- been able to survive all of this time without requiring that the most powerful individual in the world be allowed to take the office of the Presidency -- without a Top Secret Security Clearance? I suppose that up until we actually had a widely recognized malignant narcissist who is also obviously a socio-psychopath squatting in the White House, we have never felt any great concern for the mental makeup of one who has the ability to single-handedly active the nuclear codes and obliterate all life on this planet. Perhaps, once Biden brings in his new administration -- THIS issue should be at the top of any/all of his "To-Do Lists!"

Part 2 -- Getting From Here To There

It's not a stretch for any informed and critically thinking adult to agree that we are living on a damaged planet which is inhabited by humans who are not doing nearly enough to repair it. The greatest impediment which the majority of us are facing, when it comes to repairing the damage we have done to our "home," are the people who have the controlling power over the rest of us.

In our longstanding and ongoing attempts to correct the status quo, we humans almost always attempt to effect corrections on a piece-meal basis by making corrective changes "around the edges" of the monumental list of issues which we have and are currently facing. We may scurry around on the Internet and find or figure out exactly which individual or group of individuals are responsible for this or that damaging event to us and/or our planet, but the various deflective tools which these people in positions of great wealth and power have created around themselves make taking corrective actions against them nearly impossible.

Throughout the history of mankind, until the relatively recent advent of Emil Kraepelin, people with mental illnesses were broadly referred to with terms such as being "insane," "crazy," or "mentally unbalanced". However, throughout the bulk of the Twentieth Century and up until today, medical science has made tremendous inroads into the complex makeup and various measurable functioning processes of the human mind.

In 1941, the term and early description of psychopathic behavior was recognized among the medical community. Then, a few years later, a group of psychology students in Poland had their advance studies taken over by the invading Russian regime. The sudden change in the students course material motivated them to study the teachers as well as the new material and thus came about a secret book called, POLITICAL PONEROLOGY - A science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes. Notify me, and I'll gladly email a PDF version of this profoundly important book to anyone interested in reading it. Additionally, I would encourage anyone, who has read my document this far, to at least read an article of paramount importance entitled, Beware The Psychopath, My Son. It is a given that attempting to thwart the grave danger to all life on this planet requires that we understand the mental nature of the very people who we must remove and forever restrict from all major positions of power over all humanity!

In the fifth century, BC a Chinese military writer named Sun Tzu wrote a long tome called, The Art Of War. One of the most often quoted statements is, "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle." Of the three options, it is obvious to me that we, all humankind, have consistently been attempting -- and failing -- at the later two admonishments. So instead, let's expand on the first concept.

It is pretty easy to assume that the majority of the people living on our planet want the same basics -- good health, peace, safety, clean water air and food, shelter, education, freedom, fairness, etc. If we accept that to be representative of the "... know yourself ..." segment of the Sun Tzu document and we have studied the true mental nature of our enemy, it should be encouraging to believe that we will be successful in our "war" against the historic plague of socio-psychopaths.

So, how do we go about waging this "war?" Well, the first thing is to have an objective. As I pointed out in the Part 1 of this document, the time seems right to press our new Biden dominated government to pass and sign into law a stand-alone bill (unencumbered by lobbyists tack-on dilutions) which would require seven years of tax returns from all viable candidates for the Presidency and that the FBI be required to run Top Secret Security Clearance checks on ALL viable candidates for the office of the Presidency, as well as security clearance checks on all viable members of the Senate, all viable members of the House of Representatives, and all of the current and viable future justices on the US Supreme Court. These security checks would critically include testing for socio-psychopathic characteristics based on tests developed for such purposes by the research department of the internationally recognized expert, Dr. Robert Hare, Ret. That is, of course, our primary and ultimate objective -- to exclude the reins of national power to those who are mentally unfit and thus abusive of such power.

Part 3 - Gathering The Activated

In several of my earlier lives, I received expert training in marketing and sales from some of the biggest corporations in the world -- AT&T, Penn Mutual, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, etc. While I never worked as some type of political consultant/advisor, I have been an acknowledged Political Junkie for many decades and believe that much of my marketing and sales training can readily be applied to the political realms.

Our primary goal is to convert our "objective" into a "product" -- that is, into a bill which can then be passed through Congress and signed into law. The most logical and direct way to do that is to "sell" or convince a member, or better yet members, of Congress to create and then convey our bill into and through both houses before gaining the Presidents signature. Likely Congressional candidates to spearhead such legislation could be Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and/or Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Karen Bass, Katie Porter, Ro Khanna, et al. -- since all are strong, Progressive, reform-minded, members of Congress.

However, before we even begin our approach to anyone, regarding our bill, we must do some primary internal marketing. We will need to create a reflective name for our project/bill which can also be used as a domain name (like, for our website. The website will be our online focal point for our supporters as well as the media. It should contain information like: who we are, detailed explanation/education of our objective, contact information, input for a mailing list, FAQ, etc. We may want to later expand our online presence through other forms of social media, as deemed necessary.

Ideally, after we have sent a "delegation" to Congress and secured the support (lobbied) to get our bill through Congress, we can begin to build our movement. If we can't find any support in Congress, then our progress will be severely handicapped, and we will have to build our movement without that critical factor!

Building our movement will have two basic sectors. One will be direct contact with individuals and the second will be through groups of allies or other like-minded organizations such as MoveOn, Protect America, Indivisible, et al. The approach to both sectors will be two-pronged. First to educate and then secondly to obtain a commitment to support our cause -- primarily by helping to put pressure on members of Congress and the Presidency to pass our bill.

Of course, what I've outlined here will require much internal and external education, dedication, effort and broad support from ourselves, as well as others. We must understand and accept that unless we adhere to our commitment to remove and restrict from positions of power those who are proven to be unfit for such positions -- nothing will happen and undoubtably the status quo will acceleratingly continue to rampantly ruin our world!

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First published: 20-09-16